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Improving an ERCP supply transport cart

We were recently asked by a client to help out with a cart they were having difficulty with. The issue was pretty simple. The cart they had was too small for the amount of supplies they had. The photos speak for themselves.

It would be easy just to recommend a bigger cart. But would that truly meet their needs? The cart had to travel frequently and over long distances. A typical stem caster cart wasn’t going to cut it. Whoever is moving the cart also needs to be able to move it with ease and be able to see where they’re going.

Enter Pedigo’s CDS-148 distribution cart. By going with a slightly wider cart we were also able to add and extra level for storage without compromising the cart’s mobility or the ability for the person moving the cart to see. Large 8″ diameter casters with swivel locks help make the cart easy to manoeuvre. Drawers mounted under the middle shelf take advantage of what is typically dead space and provide efficient means of storing smaller items at a level that’s easy to access. Proper retaining rails replaced the bungie cords they were using to prevent things falling off the cart accidentally.

I had to send the new and improved version!! It’s so good and organized that I had to show you.

Katrina, Resource Nurse

I love it when our clients are excited about our work and want to tell us. Do you have a similar cart you might need help with? We’re happy to help.

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