How we work

The evolution of simple

I coined the phrase “storage made simple” years ago. It was the foundation our business was built upon. 

I often talk about what makes our company unique in our market. Our expertise leads the industry. No one else offers the range of brands we do and can speak without bias about what products match your needs. 

While others spew features & supposed benefits in the hopes you’ll buy their product so they can meet their quota, we’re interested in finding out what your needs and challenges are. Solutions above sales. Always. 

Ideas evolve. In the coming weeks we’ll be making changes to our identity that align with the principles we stand for. Most importantly, our focus on delivering the easiest and most comprehensive end-to-end cart and storage solutions experience will become even sharper. 

It’s a shift in thinking away from how the traditional dealer model. Not everyone gets it. That’s okay. But if we can build that trust our clients can focus on the important parts of their work: helping healthcare providers impact patient care.

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